We can do better

After experiencing firsthand the challenge of building our own creative team, we created Penji. Our goal was to give fast-growing businesses or teams their own dedicated creative powerhouse without digging into their savings.

Better service

We don’t claim to be the best or #1. Instead we promise a better service powered by better talents that we take better care of.

Better vetting

Anyone can apply, but only 1% will graduate. Our entire hiring, vetting, training, and onboarding process can take up to six months.

Why does it take so long? Because working at Penji takes more than just talent.



can apply

Skills vetting



Communications training



Boot camp training



A.I. tools training


completed A.I. augmentation


.08% - 1.1%

graduation rate

Better & more diverse talents

What do you get when you give the most talented creatives in the world the most powerful A.I. tools? A.I. augmented designers that can do 10x your average full-timer.

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Better workplace
for our people

Work takes up more than 50% of our lives. Why not enjoy it? We’re proud to be a service that promotes these ideals:

Fun & enjoyable

Fun & enjoyable

"Working at Penji allowed me to create connections with awesome people! Movie nights and game nights after work are always a thing. Through Penji's fun culture, I was able to meet people with the same interests and hobbies as mine".


Squad Leader

Job security

Job security

"Penji ensures that everyone will remain employed for the foreseeable future. It's been proven during this time of the pandemic. I still get to work every day without any worries of losing my job. Thanks to Penji".



Fair wages

Fair wages

"Penji's wages surpassed my expectations as a designer. Where else can I get paid while learning from co-designers? That's Penji! They offered me way more than just a job or the fair wages. They offered me growth, discipline, manners, laughers and a family".



Responsible leadership

Respectful & responsible leadership

"At Penji there is a unique way to help designers excel without pressuring them and it works like magic! Everyone is equally respected, from the CEO to trainee designers and the Penji leaders are all responsive and dependable, no matter who you are".



Health & well-being

Health & well-being

"I love how Penji values well being and mental health to EVERYONE within its platform. From clients to the designers. It’s is the best example of what caring for one another looks like. I am amazed & excited for everything that Penji stands for".



Our work is never done

Our work is never done

Our goal is to build a company that gives more than it takes, that values its people inside and out. Every day, we take steps to improve, bring more color to your world, and move closer to our vision.

Better support for the community

We have a moral obligation to help those who are helping others.

That's why we created Penji for Good: a standalone branch dedicated assisting nonprofits and organizations vested in the greater good.

No promises.
No conditions.

No, "we'll give 5 $ for every signup". We've been committed before we started Penji and will continue to do so.

We welcome additional assistance, but becoming a customer is not required for us to continue to serve our communities.

Penji for Nonprofits

1 $/m plan for qualified nonprofits

Penji Against Hate

Free design for those fighting injustice

Supplies for Change

Donating PPE to front-line workers